JUNE 2011

The GRE revised General TesteUPDATE

Dear Colleague,

The launch of the GRE® revised General Test is nearly here! The next time you receive the eUpdate, test takers all over the world will be experiencing the new friendlier, more flexible test design and question types. This eUpdate features several helpful resources designed to make it quick and easy for you and your colleagues to get ready for the revised test:

  • Watch our easy-to-share, 6-minute videos, each one highlighting a different aspect of the GRE revised General Test, such as Understanding the New Score Scale and Advising Students for Success.
  • Participate in an upcoming "Getting Ready" webinar for an overview of the changes coming in August, and live Q&A session.

With the launch just a few weeks away, it's important to get your institution and your potential applicants ready for the GRE revised General Test — and we're here to help, now and after the launch.


The GRE revised General Test Team


An easy way to get ready: 7 short and shareable videos

Whenever you have a few minutes, these helpful videos can give you an in-depth look at what you can expect with the GRE revised General Test. Each one is about 6 minutes in length, making them a popular way to quickly and easily get the information that's most important to you.

  Overview introduces how the GRE® General Test is changing, and what the GRE revised General Test will mean to both institutions and test takers.
  Understanding the New Score Scale explains how the score scale is changing — and how it will make it easier for institutions to distinguish performance differences between applicants.
  A Closer Look at the New Test Content reviews the new question types and response formats.
  Advising Students for Success helps you help students prepare for the revised test.
  A Good Business Decision shows how accepting GRE scores for MBA admissions is a smart move for business schools worldwide.
  Around the World provides important information and timelines about the GRE revised General Test for those who advise students testing outside the United States.
  Creating Opportunities for Success: Fairness and Access explores how fairness and access have remained a priority throughout every step of the research, design and development of the GRE revised General Test.

Whether you watch one or all seven, these short videos take you step-by-step through what you need to know, and are easily shareable with your colleagues. View them during lunch meetings, use them for group presentations or share them by emailing links.

Remember, these and other resources are always available at the Information Center, now and after the August 1 launch. Start getting ready today!


Sign up now for the official "Getting Ready" webinar.

For more information on the changes you need to know, the "Getting Ready for the GRE revised General Test" webinar is a great place to start. The next webinar dates are July 12 and August 30.

This engaging webinar covers important topics such as:

  • An overview of the new test content and question types
  • A review of the new score report
  • What institutions need to do to get ready now
  • How test takers can prepare

Plus, you can join in on the live Q&A session for a special opportunity to have ETS representatives address any questions you have. If you haven't participated in this webinar before, don't miss out. Sign up now, and share this email with your colleagues to help them get ready for the launch.

You can also view a prerecorded version at any time by visiting the Information Center


"I'm Taking the GRE revised General Test" community grows on Facebook

The official Facebook page launched in January, and since then test takers from around the world have become a part of this growing online community.

The page reflects the real-life experiences of Liz, a test taker who is preparing for her August test date. Offering helpful study tips, official test information, important timing and more, the page gives members the opportunity to ask questions, get answers — and learn from one another.

Visit the "I'm Taking the GRE revised General Test" page on Facebook, and encourage your potential applicants and students to find the page and "Like" it. It's a great resource for them to get the information they're looking for, get answers directly from ETS and connect with other test takers who are getting ready for the revised test.


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Plus, we have a Helpline where you can send in your questions about the GRE revised General Test.


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