November/December 2011

The GRE revised General TesteUPDATE

Dear Colleague,

Score reporting for the GRE® revised General Test has started!

Institutions around the world are now receiving official GRE score reports featuring scores on the new 130 – 170 scales. To help you become familiar with these new scores, the GRE Program has provided a variety of resources to make the transition as easy as possible. It's a great time to review the new GRE® Guide to Use of Scores, which talks about best practices and provides helpful concordance and percentile tables. You can also participate in an upcoming webinar to get an overview of the new score scales and gain insight from the special, live Q&A session with GRE assessment experts.

This issue of eUpdate gives you a quick look at some of the resources now available. Whether you're looking for a little information or want a more thorough review, you will find a resource to help you.


The GRE revised General Test Team


New resources are now available to help you become familiar with the 130 – 170 score scales

Now that score reports for the GRE revised General Test are being delivered to you according to the special score reporting schedule, you can see some of the important changes designed to help you with your admissions decisions. Here's a reminder of what's new:

  • Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on the GRE revised General Test are reported on the new 130 – 170 score scales, in one-point increments.
  • For individuals who took the GRE General Test prior to August 2011, score reports include Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on the prior 200 – 800 score scales and estimated scores on the new 130 – 170 score scales. This information is provided to help you compare candidates.
  • Concordance tables are also now available on the GRE website.
  • Additional test taker information is provided on the score report, including email address, telephone number, intended graduate major and more.

To help you become familiar with the new score scales, we have provided many different resources:

  • The new score report includes concordance information, percentile ranks and more. Whether you receive paper reports or electronic files, this information is included.
  • A new Scores section of the GRE website has the information you need at your fingertips, such as:
  • An all-new webinar, Understanding and Using the New GRE Score Scales, including live Q&A with GRE assessment experts. Learn more and register to attend your preferred session.

Plus, we've just created a brand-new brochure, The New Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning score scales: A helpful overview of what you need to know. This informative piece is now available for viewing and sharing at the GRE Information Center.

And for business schools, we've updated the GRE Comparison Tool. Read more about it in the In the Spotlight article below.


All-new GRE webinar is here!

Interest has been extremely high for Understanding and Using the New GRE Score Scales. During this webinar presentation you will:

  • Become familiar with the new score scales and learn how they provide more simplicity in distinguishing performance differences between applicants
  • Learn about the new concordance information and percentile ranks and how they can help you understand and use the new score scales to better compare applicants
  • Receive helpful guidance from our assessment experts who will review important considerations for using GRE scores appropriately — leading to the best admissions decisions for your programs

In addition, this popular webinar features a live Q&A portion with GRE assessment experts. You may submit questions in advance or during the session. GRE experts will address as many questions as possible during the time allotted. Participants gain added insight from hearing responses to the various topics directly from ETS staff.

Please note, new dates have recently been added but sessions continue to fill up quickly. If you don't find a session that fits your schedule now, please check back later. The series will continue in 2012.

Register now for Understanding and Using the New GRE Score Scales with live Q&A or view the prerecorded version without Q&A.

Interested in talking directly with a GRE staff member?

GRE staff will be attending the Council of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, December 7-10, 2011. Join us for a special breakfast presentation on December 9th!

GRE Client Relations staff will also host regional meetings for institutions on December 13, 2011 in Philadelphia, and December 15, 2011 in Chicago.

Register now for the Philadelphia Metro Regional Meeting

Register now for the Chicago Metro Regional Meeting


For Business Schools: the new comparison tool is ready

The GRE Comparison Tool puts GRE scores in the context of GMAT® Total scores, allowing business schools that are more familiar with GMAT scores to understand and appropriately interpret GRE scores. The tool calculates a predicted GMAT Total score based on an applicant's GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores.

To make these comparisons even easier, we have updated the comparison tool so users can calculate an estimated GMAT Total score by entering an applicant's GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on either the new 130 – 170 score scales or the prior 200 – 800 score scales.

Today, more than 700 business schools worldwide accept GRE scores for their MBA programs. Be sure your business school is on the list, so prospective applicants know that you accept official GRE scores. Learn more.


Visit the Information Center for helpful tools, tips and guidelines.

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Plus, we have a Helpline where you can send in your questions about the GRE revised General Test.


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