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The Paper-delivered GRE® General Test

The computer-delivered test is available throughout the year in most places around the world. However, in the few areas where the computer-delivered test is not available, you can take a paper-delivered GRE® General Test.

Paper-delivered GRE® General Test administrations are offered up to three times a year (October, November and February). The test design and question types will be modified to be appropriate for a paper-delivered, linear test. The test takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

Analytical Writing

Two 30-minute sections
Section 1: “Analyze an Issue” essay task
Section 2: “Analyze an Argument” essay task

Verbal Reasoning

Two 35-minute sections
25 questions per section

Quantitative Reasoning

Two 40-minute sections
25 questions per section

Calculators will be provided at the test center for use during this section.

  • The Analytical Writing section will always be first, while the other four sections may appear in any order.
  • As with the computer-delivered test, you are free, within the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, to skip questions and go back or change your answer to a question.
  • To familiarize yourself with the paper-delivered test format, try the full-length practice test in the Practice Book for the Paper-delivered GRE® General Test, Second Edition (PDF).

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