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FREE, official test prep materials

  1. POWERPREP® II Software, Version 2.2 >
    For the only practice experience that’s as close to the actual test as you can get, download this comprehensive test prep software, which includes two full-length practice tests to prepare for the computer-delivered GRE® revised General Test as well as strategies, sample questions and more. Mac and PC-compatible.
  2. Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE® revised General Test, Second Edition >
    Practice with the only prep written specifically for those taking the paper-delivered GRE revised General Test created by the maker of the test. This 120-page book includes one full-length paper-delivered practice test as well as strategies, sample questions, Analytical Writing scored sample essay responses and more. To start preparing, download the practice book, or go to
  3. Introduction to the Verbal Reasoning Measure >
    Find helpful advice, sample questions with rationales, scoring guides and tips to know what to expect on this section of the test.
    preview Verbal Reasoning Question Types now >
  4. Introduction to the Quantitative Reasoning Measure >
    Find out what's new in the Quantitative Reasoning section. Plus, get advice, test-taking tips and more.
    preview Quantitative Reasoning Question Types now >
  5. Introduction to the Analytical Writing Measure >
    Find out what's new in the Analytical Writing section. See the entire pool of topics from which your tasks are selected and strategies to help you prepare for this section of the test.
    preview Analytical Writing Question Types now >
  6. Math Review >
    A great refresher on your basic math skills. This 100-page review covers the concepts you may see when you take the GRE revised General Test. Includes definitions, properties, examples and a set of exercises with answers at the end of each section.
  7. Math Conventions >
    Learn about the mathematical notations, symbols, terminology and guidelines for interpreting information in the GRE revised General Test.
  8. Strategies and Tips >
    Get tips to help you do your best on the computer-based test.

official test prep materials for purchase

  1. GRE® Success Starter Video Series
    Doing your best on the GRE® revised General Test just got easier with these expert overviews designed to jumpstart your test prep. These short videos give you a solid review of the three test measures, a helpful tour of the test-taker friendly design features, valuable test-taking tips and strategies, and so much more.
    Just $7 each >
  2. Now 30% off!
    The Official Guide to the GRE® revised General Test, Second Edition >

    Get ready with the most authoritative guide to the GRE revised General Test. It’s everything you need to know about the test, straight from the test maker and available in both print and eBook formats. The Guide includes hundreds of authentic test questions, in-depth descriptions of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, detailed overview of the two types of Analytical Writing essay tasks, including scored sample responses and actual raters’ comments and valuable tips for answering each question type. Plus, FOUR complete, real practice tests — two in the book and two in the POWERPREP® II software. The print format includes a CD-ROM with the software and the eBook includes easy-to-follow instructions to download it to your computer.
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    The Chinese/English version of “The Official Guide” is now available at Xinhua and other bookstores throughout China.
  3. Official GRE® Guide Mobile App
    The Official GRE® Guide app is here and it’s the only GRE app direct from the test maker. Featuring the authentic test questions with answers and explanations plus more from The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, 2nd edition, this app lets you bring the test experts with you wherever you go!
  4. ScoreItNow!™ Online Writing Practice >
    This online service lets you compose and submit essay responses online for scoring, receive immediate scores on your responses to Analytical Writing tasks, review sample responses and general suggestions for improving your essay-writing skills and more.
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NOTE: If you have a disability and need test preparation materials in an alternate format, see Materials in Accessible Formats at or contact ETS Disability Services.

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