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Only one test gives you the power of confidence.

Confidence comes with knowing that you have the power to do your best, the flexibility to apply more of your own test-taking strategies and the option to send only your best scores to the graduate or business school program of your choice.  

For graduate schools and business schools worldwide. For the career of your choice.

The GRE® revised General Test is the only admissions test that is accepted by thousands of graduate and business programs worldwide — including most top-ranked M.B.A. programs. Scores are also valid for five years, so even if you don’t know your direction now, you have time to explore and decide.

See the full list of graduate and business schools and fellowship sponsors that accept GRE® scores 

See the full list of M.B.A. programs that accept GRE® scores

Send only your best scores with the ScoreSelect® option.

When you take the GRE® revised General Test more than once, you get to choose which scores you send to schools. It takes some of the pressure off so you can focus on doing your best, and it’s only available with GRE® tests.

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Get to know the test-taker friendly features.

With the GRE® revised General Test, you can apply more of your own test-taking strategies. Within each section, you can:

  • Preview and review questions
  • Skip questions and go back
  • Change answers
  • Use an on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section

This is great news. Recent data shows that most GRE® test takers who changed answers went from wrong to right, and boosted scores. And all test takers who skipped a question and later completed it saw the same or better scores.

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The GRE® revised General Test.
The smart choice for business school.

Whether you are headed for an M.B.A. or specialized Master’s program, taking the test is a smart choice. Your GRE® scores are accepted at more than 1,200 business schools worldwide, including 94 of the 2016 U.S. News & World Report Top 100 U.S. business schools and 29 of Bloomberg Businessweek's Top 30 U.S. M.B.A. Programs.

The GRE® revised General Test also lets you put more of your personal test-taking strategies to work to help you do your best. You can skip questions and go back, change answers and send only your best scores if you take the test more than once.

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Questions on the GRE® revised General Test are meant to measure the skills you will need to succeed in today’s graduate and business schools.

No matter how you divide your test prep time, we have an Official Guide for you. Check out all three Official Guides for the GRE® revised General Test.