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Tips for Applying to Specialized Master’s Programs Abroad

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A large number of business students across the globe intend to pursue their master’s degree outside their home country. Are you thinking of studying abroad? Consider these tips as you start your search.

Create your short list

You’ll want to spend some time researching schools in your target country to find the ideal one for you. Some questions to address:

  • What specific kind of program are you looking to attend, and which schools that offer it are most reputable? In particular, have their alumni found job placements internationally?
  • What type of school would you like to attend? Big? Small? Public? Private? And where? A campus near an urban area might give you more access to international students and communities.
  • Similarly, do you want to be among a large international student population while on campus? Some schools have a higher percentage of graduate students from other countries.
  • What are the financial implications? Consider travel and visa costs, as well as differences in tuition and cost of living.

Know what you need for your application

In addition to filling out the official application, writing a personal statement and gathering your transcripts, you’ll have to choose an admissions test:

Refer to university websites and don’t hesitate to contact the admissions offices for complete details on each school’s requirements. You’ll also want to check with each country’s immigration office for student visa information.

The GRE® General Test is accepted by more than 1,300 business schools worldwide, including top-ranked MBA and specialized master’s programs. Learn more about why you should make it a part of your business school plans.

Pursue your dreams

Whether it is in the United States, Europe or anywhere else, don’t let anything stop you from pursuing the school of your dreams, and ultimately, the career you have always wanted. An advanced degree can make all the difference in your life’s path, so commit to making it happen, starting today.